Friday Photo Essay – Gardening near Tarragona (Spain)

So I’m trying out this new organization thing on the blog, where I will feature certain types of articles (apart from narrative travel writing) on certain days of the week. So far what I’ve decided on are Tuesday Travel Tips and Friday Photo Essays. This week’s photo essay is packed with photos of fruit and veggies growing in a vegetable garden near Tarragona.

This Week’s Photo Essay: A Brief Intro

This first essay is about the vegetable garden near Tarragona where my father-in-law works the land (gardens) and plays farmer on his days-off.  He’s never happier than when digging potatoes and cabbages, or harvesting fresh figs, apples, olives and almonds, and I’m never happier than when I have fresh Mediterranean ingredients to cook with. Garden-fresh ingredients make even the simplest recipe gourmet. Take the Catalan standby, Pa amb tomaquet. It’s charm rests in fresh tomato smeared on toasted bread and drizzled with the best olive oil you can find.

From the vegetable garden near Tarragona, the views are stunning, and the fresh produce at bargain basement prices (free) is unbeatable.




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