About Me

Hola!  I’m Chris…

I spent my childhood  and young adulthood in the Midwest, daydreaming about travel and reading about far away and sometimes fictional destinations

Sometimes I think about my life so far away from where I grew up and marvel at how things turn out.

I love to travel, but it was never my intention to move permanently abroad.

But here I am, in my thirties, going on ten years living in the Mediterranean.

I’ll be honest. Sometimes it’s a dream, and other times it’s a headache—like living everywhere.
And even though I’ve been a Barcelona-based writer and translator (Spanish-English) for some years, I will always be a Midwesterner and a Missourian at heart.
In my spare time, I read incessantly, slurp excessive amounts of coffee, conduct culinary experiments with mixed results and play with art supplies. Oh, and travel, as far and wide as I can manage.
Don’t be shy. Leave a comment on a post, ask a question or contact me at [email protected].
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