A Rainy Day in Barcelona: Guest Post on Homage to BCN

Mmmm, hot coffee…

Blessed with a generally bright and sunny disposition, Barcelona is cursed with an excess of fair-weather friends with no appreciation for precipitation. Read: the doom and gloom of backlit cumulonimbus are not welcome here. While no one enjoys a drought (heaven forbid someone can’t fill their swimming pool), grousing about even mildly inclement weather is par for the course, said inclement weather including an overcast sky, and even the lightest of rains. Guiris (foreigners) and Catalans alike seem to prefer ultraviolet heat and sand in uncomfortable places to a spot of rain. But after seven years here, I can claim my perfect day in Barcelona as “pasado por lluvias”.
Because for me, there’s nothing better than the big shining drops of wet that send locals and tourists scurrying to the nearest bar and leave me to my own on the glistening city streets. Best of all, the rain puts a temporary stop to Barcelona’s seemingly endless construction noise.
On wet days I can have Barcelona’s outdoor spaces to myself. In Parc Güell, I pet Gaudi’s dragon…. read the full post at Homage to BCN here

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