Cervantes Park: Guest Post at the Barcelona Metropolitan

Cervantes Park
For the next few weeks, I’ll be guest-blogging about free things to do in Barcelona over at the Barcelona Blog for Barcelona Metropolitan Magazine.
First up is the lush flower garden at Cervantes Park.
An Excerpt:
In the midst of relentless traffic on Avinguda Diagonal and Ronda de Dalt sits this small oasis, once hidden under the rushing waters of Estela Stream. Paved pathways and narrow sand trails zigzag between immense flowerbeds, pergolas and tall trees. Irises in shades ranging from creamy white to deepest purple perch majestically above bunches of daisies. I point out a bushy plant that closely resembles Queen Anne’s Lace, and tell Jesús how my mom used to let us dye it with food colouring, the same way the flower vendors make blue roses to sell for Sant Jordi.
A wide variety of exotic trees, including everything from Persian Silk Trees to Japanese Cherry trees, shade the park. Not to mention the requisite palm trees, which, for whatever reason, I’ve grown to loath over time. I turn to Jesús. “What is it with Barcelona and Spain’s obsession with unnatural, non-native palm trees?” ….read the full post at the Barcelona Metropolitan.

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