Cheap and Comfortable Travel from Nice to Genoa

Travel from Nice to Genoa

Azure Coast by Dan Courtesy of

Azure Coast by Dan Courtesy of

*This is a sponsored guest post by Catherine M.*

Ah, the French Riviera; the Italian Riviera… just the names conjure images of harbors filled with expensive yachts, warm sunshine, white sandy beaches, azure seas, rich and famous visitors, coach journeys and expensive hotels.

Well, perhaps coach journeys are not one of the main things you picture when you think of travelling to these glorious destinations.  But they should be, because the money you save on your journey will certainly help you to realize the dream of living a life of luxury in these privileged locations.  You can travel from Nice to Genoa with iDBUS in three-and-a-half hours for only 25 Euros – that’s about £16.50 at today’s rates.  Plus you get comfortable, ergonomically designed seating, free on board Wi-Fi and plug sockets so you can keep yourself entertained throughout your journey, if you can keep your eyes away from the scenery you pass along the way.

So why not start your holiday in Nice on the Côte d’Azur, on the French Riviera? You could simply spend your days sipping coffee watching passers-by, and your evenings sipping cocktails as you mingle with locals and tourists alike.  Or you could be more adventurous and head off for a day trip to St Tropez, Cannes or even neighboring Monaco, all within easy distance of Nice.  You could even hire a car and explore the hilly countryside, favoured by artists Matisse and Chagall in times gone by. The Mediterranean sea is always a beautiful colour and wonderful to swim in or just paddle around if you are not brave enough to bear that initial shock of cool water reaching your midriff.  Or find one of the many superb golf courses for a round or a stop at the 19th hole.

The temperature along this whole coastline is always high and dry, so there’s no horrible humidity to bother you and keep you awake at night.  It is nearly always sunny, and rarely rains.

When you are ready to move a little further down the coast onto the Italian Riviera (also known as the Liguria Riviera), the main city is charming Genoa.  Genoa is a lovely Italian seaside port which has been recently renovated.  Spend a few days exploring the side streets and sampling some delicious Italian food (with seafood prominent on most menus) or take a trip on a local tourist train to see the Cinque Terre villages settled high up on the cliffs.

If you travel from Nice to Genoa with iDBUS you’ll do so safe in the knowledge that this company has staff who can help you with any inquiries even if your French or Italian is a little rusty.  You can book at any time and will not be penalized with high prices for reserving well in advance or at the last minute.

The freedom to explore all of those experiences on your own schedule creates a fantastic short break and gives you the chance to sample the very best that this coast has to offer.



*Disclaimer* This is a  sponsored post.

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