Friday Photo Essay: Missouri Snow

After a nice Christmas break in Missouri, I’m back in Barcelona until spring. Here, while it’s cold (especially in my unheated apartment) it never, well almost never, snows…..see about the rare occurence of Barcelona blanketed in fluffy white H2O at this link.

Casa nevada, Misuri- Chris Ciolli- 2012

Snow-capped Dormers -Missouri – Chris Ciolli- 2012

Like so many other humans out there, I’m always terribly nostalgic about what’s left behind or in short supply. So here my photos of a white New Year’s Eve at my parent’s slice of midwestern paradise. Walking outside in the cold, wet white, and then watching the cat hunting small birds through the window inside, warm and dry, were a priceless part of my New Year’s away from Barcelona’s strange but heady mix where backwater meets cosmopolitan, and almost everyone (myself included) drinks too much.

Panorama nevada, MIsuri- Chris Ciolli 2012

Snowy panorama, MIssouri – Chris Ciolli- 2012


House and Footprints, MIssouri – Chris Ciolli – 2012


terreno nevado, Misuri- Chris Ciolli- 2012

Snow Covered Yard – Missouri- Chris Ciolli – 2012

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