Friday Photo Essay – The John Lennon Wall, Prague, Czech Republic

The Lennon Wall in Prague is one my favorite examples of outdoor art in Europe, and definitely figures among the best example of graffiti art that I’ve seen on my travels. Somehow, despite the randomness of who participates and what they paint, the wall is always beautiful, an explosion of color and a crossroads of unique messages that passers-by are welcome to add to this ever-changing masterpiece. Although I hope no one paints over my favorite quote on the wall,


any time soon. The Czech Capital is overflowing with unusual art, but even among all the cultural gems in the Golden City, the Lennon Wall is a must-see. It certainly merits a spot on my top ten things to see in Prague.


For more on Prague and my adventures there, see Prague I (The Golden City) and Prague II (It’s dark underbelly). You can click on the images in the gallery for bigger higher-res pictures of the Lennon Wall or watch the short slideshow at the very bottom of the page.

[fgallery id=1 w=450 h=385 bg=ffffff t=0 title=”John Lennon Wall, Prague, CZ”]
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