Guest Testing Paris With Go With Oh

Paris on a Sunny winter dayLet me tell you an embarrassing little secret. Paris is a city I never expected to like, much less love.

But wait, you say, that foodie fantasy, that cheese-lover’s wet dream? You didn’t expect to fall head over heels like everyone else?

Nope. Despite my deep-seated affection for all things dairy and fermented grape, my feelings about Paris (before I went) were best described as mixed. Flying through the nightmare that is Charles de Gaulle and unfortunate personal experiences with Parisians on international volunteer trips had made me wary. Add to that experienced traveler’s rantings about the sheer expense of the French capital, and I wasn’t just afraid that people would laugh at my sensible shoes, I was terrified that I wouldn’t have enough money for coffee (which in my grand scheme of nutrition takes priority over brie, champagne and croque-monsieur).

100_4204But when I’m wrong, I readily admit it. Sometimes. And Paris surprised me into falling in love in my first, and to date only, visit. Not because it was cheap (it wasn’t), or because everyone I met was friendly (mixed bag, that), but because I adored it. My only complaint would be that I didn’t have enough time or money to stay longer, see more and eat more pastries and cheese.  That, and I wasn’t impressed with the kebabs there, but then for kebabs and currywurst, there’s Berlin.

Being a guest-tester for GoWithOh would mean getting to know Paris better, which given my serious feelings, even after all these years apart, seems like a good idea. Because until I go back, I can’t be sure if the city is the same person, or if it even likes me “that” way. I need to get to know Paris inside and out, not just its most popular arrondissements. I need time to relax over frothy caffeine and buttery carbohydrates with my well-worn copy of David Sedaris’ Me Talk Pretty Someday. I simply must get to know the city’s shops and markets and gorge at restaurants recommended by my favorite Parisian food-writer, David Lebovitz.100_4355

One thousand euros from Go With Oh to test out a Paris apartment will give me the chance to cook and entertain, and maybe even paint my own souvenir, not to mention take lots of pictures.

Did I mention how much I love to take pictures? Of everything….

Of course since Go With Oh has hundreds of places to stay in Paris, choosing where to stay has proven more difficult than I imagined.

But in the end, my need for internet, a workable kitchen set up, and my enduring love for food markets made me choose the rather generically titled “Beautiful Apartment With An Excellent Location.


Titles aside, the apartment looks cozy, has a fully-equipped kitchen, and is located in the heart of a Parisian Market (which seems kind of impossible, but hey, I’ll take the bait, even if it’s merely near the Market, that’s good enough), and within walking distance of the Louvre and Pompidou Center.

Check it out in the pictures below. I also really love the clean design and flower motifs.

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  1. The apartment looks schweeeet!

    I think I’ll fall in love with Paris, and oh… how I adore your writing voice!

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